Chris Bumstead could be Captain America in the movies

    Canadian bodybuilders Chris Bumstead and Iain Valliere have become famous faces in the world of bodybuilding. While Bumstead is a three-time Mister Olympia Classic Physique champion, Valliere is his former trainer. Furthermore, the two are brothers-in-law, as Valliere is married to Bumstead’s sister, Melissa.

    Bumstead is also a YouTuber, and in one of his latest videos, Valliere pointed out that Bumstead could play the role of a famous superhero in Marvel movies. Could Chris Bumstead be Captain America? (Chris Evans trains for Captain America).

    A year ago, Bumstead posted a fun family Q&A video on his YouTube channel. The video features his fiancee Courtney King, brother-in-law Iain Valliere and sister Melissa Bumstead. And one of their fans asked them: Which Marvel characters would the four of them be? To this question, Valliere replied: “Chris obviously has to be like Captain America.”

    Bumstead and Chris Evans, the actor who portrays the role of Captain America, also share the same name. But according to Valliere, the superhero’s personality is more in line with CBum’s. On the other hand, Bumstead said that Valliere would be perfect for the role of Hulk. (Lou Ferrigno’s secret to being like the Hulk at 70).

    So, if you are a fan of Captain America comics and movies, the question is: Does Bumstead suit you as a protective hero in movies?

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