Chivas announces the arrival of Serbian Veljko Paunović as the new technical director

Guadalajara confirmed in a video on social media that the former Chicago Fire coach will take control of Flock

MEXICO — Chivas announced to the Serbian Veljko Paunović as the new coach of the team. After a week of arrival Ferdinand the Iron as sports director Guadalajara There is already a coach who will take over the leadership of the team in Clausura 2023.

The 45-year-old Serbian coach has four years of managerial experience (2015-19). Chicago Fire from MLS and until recently he was a coach in Readingof the English Premiership.

Through a video in which there is a recreation of an investigator analyzing potential candidates for the bench Chivasnames and photos are discarded as Anthony Mohammed, Albert Celadesamong others, that the document from Paunović.

The announcement came via social networks, where Guadalajara pointed out the qualities which Ferdinand the Iron I was looking for a team coach: someone who knows the area, a winner with young people and European experience. In addition, they pointed out that the board was always clear, “there was never a plan B”, Paunović He was the first option on the bench.

Ferdinand the Iron Mr Veljko Paunović come replace Ricardo Pelaez Mr Richard Chainafter removal Chivas in the Aperture 2022 playoffs against Puebla.

During his presentation, the Spanish coach referred to the characteristics he was looking for in an ideal strategist Guadalajaraa situation that led to the appointment of possible candidates for that position, among which José Bordalás, Pako Ayestarán, Paco Jémez and Albert Celades stood out.

last saturday, Moisés Llorens reported for ESPN what Paunović was added to the list of candidates for technician Chivaswhile Ferdinand the Iron he was in Spain closing negotiations for a new coach.

Chivas reported that the players’ return to training has been delayed by two weeks, from October 31, when they were originally planned, to November 14 in order to begin pre-season work on the beach.

The group will contact you with a new technician, Veljko Paunovićwho bet Ferdinand the Iron in Chivas return the team to the first places.

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