Children and new food trends

The A plate of good food is feeding guide developed by experts in diet instruct the Mexican population on the exact amounts of food that should be included in the ua healthy diet and balanced. But besides following it, they exist food trends which contain the necessary maintenance requirements a Healthy lifestile.

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What is a plate for a good meal?

nutritionist Reyna Montserrat Pedraza Hacho explains to us that The main goal of the Good Eating Plate is to provide information about nutrition that can prevent disease and promote healthy living.

Its design explains Maria Fernanda Salgado Fernandezteacher and academician at UNAM, alludes to everything foods that matter, which changes in the distribution in which we have to consume them; It also complies with health regulations: complete, balanced, sufficient, varied and harmless.

a plate of good food
Image: Government of Mexico

Poor nutrition and the diseases that result from it

According to INEGI, from January to August 2020 The leading cause of death in the world was heart disease., with 141 thousand 873 deaths; It is followed by Covid-19 with 108 thousand 658 patients and diabetes mellitus with 99 thousand 733.

On his part, Dr. Yolanda del Carmen Mendez Romero, president of Mexican Faculty of Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Therapyexplains it to us a bad balance in our diet can lead to disease directly related to what we consume.

Chest pain
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“People who mostly consume simple sugars or which excessively increase the quantity cereals which are not integral can have a tendency to develop metabolic diseases” as:

  • Overweight
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure: people who eat a lot of salt
  • Atherosclerosis: people who consume a lot of fat

The the plate of good nutrition contains the basic food groups that we mustwith consume and exclude added sugars, Saturated fats or limit their consumption. But there is also a counterpart, which Pedraza Hacho tells us about diseases that can be contracted from lack of foodfor example, someone who eats only vegetables could develop anemiaor if you eat only meat you can develop drop.

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New trends in nutrition

dr. Méndez Romero tells us about five trends in nutrition that relate to a plate of good food:

  • Mediterranean diet: for her, it is the healthiest and is characterized by the consumption of foods with fiber, olive oil and fish, “these are the foods that characterize her the most; It was seen that they are referents of a healthy diet and that they are related to a reduction of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases“.
  • DASH diet: Dietary approaches to stopping hypertensionDietary approaches to stopping hypertension-, suggests one reduction of red meat and salt; “It improves values ​​a lot blood pressure“.
  • Vegetarian diet: diet ovolactovegetarian which includes eggs, milk and white meat —fish and chicken—, but it mainly consists of foods of plant origin. It is improving a lot intestinal microbiota and digestion.
Photo: Davey Gravy/Unsplash
  • Vegan: does not think about animal products, and people who follow him combine grains with legumes to have the amount and quality of protein similar to that of animal origin, “if well balanced, it helps to improve health”; however, irregular proportions and excess of certain foods can be counterproductive.
  • Keto or ketogenic diet: characterizes reduced carbohydrates and increased amount of fat and proteinbut not any type of fat, it is recommended that they be of vegetable origin, oilseeds such as those found in seeds and white meat. It improves the glycemic index and reduces blood sugar spikes after eating – it was obvious that some increase glycosylated hemoglobin—.

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Pedraza Hacho explains that there are other trends that go beyond following a diet, such as:

  • Occasional post: “It’s a good strategy, but not only for weight loss, but also for the prevention of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, morbid obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome“.
  • Intuitive feeding: outside the strict diet, teaches patients food groups, combinations and one guidelines on how much the body needs“this trend requires the patient to just regulate the amounts, it doesn’t have to be so strict” and it’s personalized.

For Montserrat, both options are very good because they teach the patient to observe signals from your body.

Photo: Chokniti Khongchum/Pixabay

But these tendencies in patients with some health problem must be treated by a multidisciplinary approachSalgado Fernández tells us, since this is how favorable results for health are achieved, “when we intervene it is important to provide it with a multidisciplinary approach, accompanied by other professions such as psychology, physical training, medical“.

In addition, the expert explains that following these new trends is not as simple as downloading them from the Internet and following them, “it must always be accompanied by monitoring by a health professional to see that they are doing it in the right way and that it suits their body, because it will not everyone will accept it in the same way or they will not react in the same way”.


Experts give us a series of tips that, if we follow them, will do The difference between a healthy diet and chronic diseases:

  • Start a shopping list with vegetables
  • Choose nutritious foods you love
  • Plan a weekly menukeep this in mind: not necessarily dieting, but healthy food that you love
  • Choose seasonal foods: nature knows what our body needs and provides it to us every season
  • Remove all ultra-processed foods from your pantry and as soon as they are finished, do not renew them
  • Eating on the street is not an excuse, go to places where you can eat healthy food such as salads, fruits and vegetables
  • That a diet is not an instrument for losing weight, but that we eat healthy, be healthy and help change bad habits
  • Everything in excess is bad, even in healthy food you always look for balance.
  • Look for an expert and don’t follow a fad diet, only an expert will be able to guide you on what your body needs
Photo: Igor Ovsyannykov/Pixabay

Eliminate bad eating habits with help a plate of good food is possible, so it is important to be awarebetween the population on relevance Nutrition education; Without a doubt, your body and health will thank you.

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