Checo Pérez was planning to go to Azteca, but he ‘changed’ his plans

A famous follower Eagles of America, Czech Perez He said that while his plans to go to Azteca this Sunday to see his beloved team in the Liga MX finals have been ruined, he will spend the night celebrating his third-place finish with his family.

“I’ll have to go to dinner instead of going to Aztec Stadium“, he pointed behind the wheel of Red Bull in the meet and greet after Mexican Grand Prix. And that’s it eagles They were eliminated in the semi-finals against red devils from Tolucathe team that lost the final that same Sunday Formula 1 ago Tuzos from Pachuca.

Diego Valdés reacts during the match with América

Although Sergio Perez to be simple and not consider himself as such, but without a doubt today he is a Mexican athlete who moves the whole country every time he runs for the main prize, the proof of that is what happened this Sunday at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

After the third place, the pilot from Guadalajara had his last public presentation and there he exposed the feeling that everything gives him. Mexico Throw a party every time you drive in Formula 1.

“Not even in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this like this, I never thought about how it would affect my country, it was not in my plans. It was a consequence of my work. It is incredible and I did not imagine it. I could move the country in a way which we have passed in recent years and that is something that fills me with pride”, said the man from Red bull.

Checo Pérez on the Mexican Grand Prix podium

In this respect, he is not considered the Mexican athlete of the moment, as there are other exponents who also do so with great pride.

“We should all feel very proud, we have great representatives CaneloWe have great football players. Athletes in general give us great joy and as Mexicans we must enjoy them, support them and we have no choice but to give them all our support,” he said.

Checo Pérez after the podium at the Mexican GP

Finally, he described three factors that, from his point of view, make him a man who has a hard time giving up on the path even when the odds look bleak.

“The first is resilience, never giving up, the Mexican is always very brave and we are always very stubborn. The second is dedication, and the third, I think, commitment. You have to be very detailed and perfectionist and keep developing,” he finished.


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