Checo Pérez “this weekend I have the most pressure of the year”

This Saturday will see practice 3 and qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix, where Red Bull is aiming for the 2022 edition.

Czech Perez he had his last event in front of the Mexican fans before the third practice and classification Mexico City Grand Prix and in front of slightly more than 200 people, the Red Bull driver commented that he is under the most pressure this weekend.

The native of Jalisco thanked the Mexican fans for their love and noted that “it gives me a lot of confidence to have so much support and that it’s a weekend I want to do my best.”

In the same sense, I emphasize that “that’s when I have the most pressure for myself, because that’s when I really want to do it the best”.

Czech he was accompanied Max Verstappen, his teammate and two-time world champion. The Dutchman showed his closeness to Mexican culture by pointing out that he adores tequila.

“I tried tequila many times”, before this answer Czech He interrupted and said “many more times than you did,” which drew laughter from those present.

“I really enjoy it a lot. It’s home Czech with many fans and has a lot of support. I’m happy to be here,” said Max.

In free training 2 Mexican Grand Prix which was dedicated to testing the 2023 Formula 1 tire prototype. George Russellfrom Mercedesset the best time, but it is interesting that the Red Bulls were again in almost equal times with Sergio Perez just 9 thousandths of a second above Max Verstappen.

Czech Perez set the fifth fastest time with 1:21.579, while Max Verstappen it was six. Nine thousandths less time than it takes a hummingbird to flap its wings at 70 beats per second.

Practice 3 and qualifications will be held this Saturday Mexican Grand Prix and where Red bull aims to download the 2022 edition.

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