Checo Pérez and Carlos Sainz ask that Mexican fans respect the space in the paddock

During the first two days of action at the Mexican Grand Prix, the driver’s area was jammed with fans preventing free traffic for the teams

Paddock of Mexican Grand Prix it became a vervain, with hundreds of personalities, guests VIP and fans who bought the package F1 experience They filled the main street with drivers, teams, journalists and event workers.

All this had the effect of losing order in the place and making it a complicated task for the competitors themselves to get to the garage area. In this situation, Czech Perez Mr Carlos Sainz They ask that fans respect their space.

The Mexican Grand Prix It is known for its atmosphere, the buzz of the attendees and the love for the competitors, but local driver Checo Pérez admitted that “there are more people than usual”.

ESPN spoke with the organizers of the F1 Experience and pointed out that almost a thousand people a day enter the tour, which lasts about 25 minutes, to which are also added the VIP guests of the teams and other domestic brands that try to give special treatment to their customers.

Despite this, Czech Perez He pointed out that this topic gave something to talk about on the internal level. “It was commented on, because no doubt there are a lot of people, more than normal, and we Mexicans like to show affection.”

For this reason, the Mexican asks the companions “to maintain order and respect the pilot’s areas so that everyone can continue to enjoy good fun”.

for his part, Carlos Sainz, the Ferrari driver, was a victim of the number of people who found themselves at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, since they did not allow the Spaniard to train and run on the track. Seeing himself surrounded by all the people, he had to cross the road and enter the garage.

“I like when the fans are around, I like when everyone is cheering. I guess because I’m Latin American I have a special relationship. We ask everyone to be calm, we are in the paddock, not to shout or push each other too much, but apart from that everything is fine for me”, said Carlos Sainz.

The number of people in the paddock led to Czech Perez he has to move on a scooter, because when he goes on foot, dozens of people surround him and slow down his journey inside the buildings.

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