Chayanne’s daughter declares herself the Queen of Halloween in silver mini shorts

Chayanne is one of the most important Latin singers of recent decades and thanks to his charisma, talent and songs he managed to win all his fans around the world. The Puerto Rican artist returned to the music scene after several years of absence. who followed in his footsteps Isadora Figueroaher youngest daughter who proclaimed herself the queen of Halloween by wearing a silver minishort that left everyone speechless.

Throughout his career, Chayanne During his career, he sold millions of sound carriers, and although he was far from music, the singer confirmed that he will release a new album next year after eight years. Recently, the 54-year-old Puerto Rican released the singles ‘Te amo y punto’ and ‘Como tú y yo’. The new discography project of the performer ‘Provócame’ will be released in the first months of 2023, and his last two musical themes will be part of it.

Chayanne returns next year with a new album. Source Instagram @chayanne

outside of music, Chayanne He is known for his large family because he has been married to Marilissa Maronesse for 30 years, with whom he had two children. Isadora Figueroa, her youngest daughter, inherited her mother’s beauty and her father’s talent and whenever she can she shows it on her social networks and wins over all her fans.

Isadora is Chayanne’s youngest daughter. Source Instagram @isadorafigueroa

Isadora Figueroa She has more than 400 thousand followers and she is in charge of showing why she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. For Halloween, Chayanne’s daughter confirmed why she is the queen and fell in love with silver mini shorts that caused a storm and occupied all eyes.

With these short shorts by Isadora Figueroa, she attracted all eyes. Source Instagram @isadorafigueroa

These days, Isadora Figueroa He is a member of the music group Café con leche, in which he has already published his musical themes. In addition, in recent months the young woman decided to leave her parents’ house and go to Madrid to study singing and was seen participating in various parades.

Isadora Figueroa was declared the Queen of Halloween. Source Instagram @isadorafigueroa

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