Celeste sets a trap for Braulio and brings him to justice

Find out what happened in the grand finale of the telenovela with the characters of Alejandra Barros and Alexis Ayala

Per: Santiago Mobarak


Celeste brought Braulio to justice

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After several years of living under the ‘domain’ of her husband ‘Brauli’, ‘Celeste’ finally gave up and handed her husband over to justice in the GRAND FINALE”Overcome Absence”.

The character he plays Alexandra Barros she affected the entire audience at the end of the telenovela because she was the one who condemned ‘Braulio’ for the fraud committed against Transportes Funes and for the road accident.

“Today is the last day I will be with you. Agent, I have come to accuse my husband Braulio Dueñas of the deaths of Margarita Rojo and Iván Camargo,” said “Celeste” in front of the police in the Mayor’s Office. .

Did you miss this shocking scene from “Overcome Absence”? Enjoy the continuation in the following video:

Celeste condemns Braulio!

To back up her statement, “Celeste” handed over all the evidence proving the crimes of her husband, who denied any accusations and assured that they were “Celeste’s” fabrications.

“You must pay for all your crimes,” ‘Celeste’ said as they took ‘Brauli’ into custody.

It was Braulio who killed Margarita!

Braulio recalls when, after crashing into a tree, he sees ‘Margarita’ fighting for her life and stops her from taking the phone; dies without receiving help from him.

Enjoy the scene in the following video:

Braulio let Margarita die!

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“Overcoming Absence”.

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