Celebrities are refusing to pay $20 per verified Twitter account… and Elon Musk is haggling over them

Writer of horror novels and mysteries, Stephen Kinghe started a controversies on Twitter al refuse to pay $20 a month how much will it cost to have one Verified account in a social network.

In a message on his Twitter account, the author of “Shine” said that instead of paying, should be compensated for using the social network.

The answer did not take long. Twitter’s new president, Elon Muskhe also replied yes via Twitter this business model will enable bots to be eradicated from the platform… And he agreed on a price with King: $8 a month.

“$20 a month to keep my blue popcorn? fuck him they should pay me. If it gets started, I’m out of here like Enron,” wrote Stephen King.

“We have to pay the bills somehow. Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers. How about paying $8?” replied Elon Musk.

Although Stephen King did not answer the tycoonto other users who questioned him about refusing to pay the tentative fee, the author told them that he was a matter of principle.

The Sin Embargo, Stephen King she wasn’t the only celebrity to claim new Twitter policy.

Lynda Carteractress who played Wonder Woman in the late 1970s, criticized the move.

With a message on his Twitter account, Carter expressed his disagreement.

Another person who complained about the measure was rapper MIAwho posted a picture on his Twitter showing a crumpled banknote.

In the picture, you can read the expression on the ticket “Shit”.

The announcement of the charge for confirmed accounts and the controversy surrounding the rejection was reflected in the discussion forums reddit, a social network where users discuss almost any topic.

Among the opinions expressed on the WhitePeopleTwitter forum, users speculated about a possible boycott by figures like Taylor Swift or Kathy Perry, who have more than 100 million followers each.

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But they quipped that Twitter would become 4Chan, a meme social network, or something similar Candy Crush.

Elon Musk announced this Sunday on his profile on the social network that “Currently renewing the entire verification process,” in response to a user who has been repeatedly denied a blue badge.

Twitter implemented a new account verification policy in early 2021, that lets people know that a public interest account is authentic, relevant and active.

The new design could include an additional payment to obtain said badge. According to the sources he consulted The Verge and some internal emails it had access to, Twitter plans to introduce a payment process to obtain verification.

This change would be included in the monthly Twitter Blue subscription, which provides access to additional functions. Currently, this service is only available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, where it charges users $4.99.

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According to the sources he consulted The Vergetechnology company is considering raising the subscription price to $19.99, a change that would force verified users to pay a subscription within 90 days or lose their badge.

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