The world is facing the ‘most dangerous decade’ since World War II, according to Putin

2 hours image source, EPA Title, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the threats of a nuclear attack. The world is facing “probably the most dangerous decade” since the end of World War II, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned. In an extensive speech this Thursday, the president tried to justify it invasion of Ukraine by … Read more

He found the wedding ring, gave it to the owner and received an unprecedented response

Not all stories have a happy ending, especially if they carry difficult memories with them. Steve Andrews was disappointed with the expectation of the end of the dream after finding an alien object that had apparently disappeared. The man is a metal detector and on one of his expeditions he found it engagement ring between … Read more

USA: Russia is a “threat”, but the main “challenge” is China | World | DW

The Pentagon unveiled its new defense strategy this Thursday (27/10/2022), in which it claims that China is the “most transcendental” challenge to the security of the United States in the coming decades, while Russia is an “acute threat”. It also warned that Moscow’s use of an atomic bomb would trigger a “significant” international response. The … Read more

Flight of terror between Santiago and Asunción: el granizo destroza un avión de Latam con 48 pasajeros

El avión de Latam después de su aterrizaje forzoso en el aeropuerto Silvio Pettirossi, en Asunción (Paraguay), el 26 de octubre de 2022.RR.SS. The 48 passengers of flight 1325 of Latam Airlines, which embarked on this Wednesday in Santiago de Chile with the destination of Asunción (Paraguay), have recounted scenes of panic and horror for … Read more