Blinken says Russia wants to ″freeze″ Ukraine to bring it to its knees | World | DW

The United States accused Russia on Friday (11/04/2022) of trying to “freeze” Ukrainians by bombing their power plants ahead of winter, given the impossibility of stopping the counteroffensive that forced it to evacuate civilians from the conquered city of Kherson (south). “It appears that President (Vladimir) Putin has decided that if he cannot take Ukraine … Read more

➤ A truly brilliant mind will be able to locate the two rats in the lion visual puzzle | viral challenge | Logic test today | trends | Viral | Mexico | MX | MEXICO

From now on we warn you, visual puzzle which we will show you next is not suitable for fragile minds. Highlight your abilities as soon as possible. All you have to do in viral rectum today is to carefully look at the picture until you find the two rats hiding in the picture of the … Read more

Sexist violence: a fashion influencer was taken out of a restaurant because she was wearing cleavage

No impactr was forbidden to dine in a restaurant in Paris because her outfit had “too much cleavage” and went viral when she shared her story on social media. is around Polska Babinks, who has almost 700 thousand followers on TikTokand confronted the restaurant manager after being banned from dining at Paris’ Bastille cafe. In … Read more

AMLO disapproves of blocking Cuba and questions Ukraine’s restraint: ‘What does he have to do?’

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized that although 185 countries voted in the United Nations (UN) against the economic blockade of Cubathis measure was retained due to the veto power of the USA. Although AMLO said that yesterday The US is in a position to change that policy.considers that maintaining the blockade is retrograde. “Yesterday … Read more

Home Health Tips: Four Healthy Habits to Improve Digestion | medicines | to hack | NNDAMN | ANSWERS

Achieving excellent nutrition on a daily basis takes a lot of effort, discipline and dedication. If we adopt good practices, we can avoid problems Health serious diseases such as obesity and diabetes. With this in mind, experts recommend frequent exercise, not drinking too much alcohol and stress control. Starting from this premise, today we will … Read more

Strong condemnation of the US blockade of Cuba in the UN

AFP, Prensa Latina and Ap La Jornada newspaperFriday, November 4, 2022, p. 28 New York., With the United States and Israel voting against, and Brazil and Ukraine abstaining, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly yesterday overwhelmingly approved a Cuban-sponsored resolution calling for an end to the US economic blockade imposed on the island 60 years … Read more