Working with what you have in medicine, is that enough?

In modern medicine, there may be two axes that regulate ethical behavior in everyday practice: a) evidence-based medicine and b) precision medicine or previously called personalized medicine, but this term is actually confusing, since medicine has always been personalized. In the first concept, practically all over the world, for several decades, clinical medicine is guided … Read more

What is it and why has it set off alarms in Mexico, the US and the world? – Financially

Yes one the sixth wave of COVID-19 in winter flu season which threatens to be the strongest in years is not enough, a new concern is emerging for researchers and the health sector around the world: tripledemia. The fear of a triple epidemic already reigns in the United States of America, which in recent weeks … Read more

vacancies do not solve the shortage of specialists

Through the report of the National Conference of Deans of Medical Faculties (CNDFM), the Forum of the Medical Profession presented the current state of health education in medicine and the work environment as a result of proposals from the ministries of universities and health to increase places for new student enrollments at the Medical School … Read more

therapies, wellness and treatment programs

Camilla Parker Bowles (age 75) paused his schedule to take a few days off holiday in India. She did it with a group of friends and while her husband, Charles III (73), remains in the United Kingdom exercising his functions as monarch. This is her first escape since becoming Queen Consort after her death Isabella … Read more

Violent deaths are on the rise in 2022, according to Legal Medicine

Murder. Photo: Colprensa According to the latest statistical bulletin of the Colombian Institute of Legal Medicine, corresponding to September 2022, it is possible to determine that violent deaths in Colombia increased by 7.6% compared to the period January-September 2021. Out of a total of 20,584 deaths from violent events that occurred so far, 47.8% were … Read more

Recommended shoulder press for people over 40 years old

Good technique is the most important thing for any weightlifter, but especially for men over 40 who want to be able to maintain their physique goals without ending up injured. Especially when we train the shoulders, where the risk increases many times over, because it is neither easy nor comfortable to lift the weight above … Read more

Goldie Hawn: 76 years old and in enviable shape with 4 exercises available to everyone

Kate Hudson has no room for maternal pride. – Is there anything more beautiful? the actress asks, reposting her mother on Instagram apologizing for sports as the key to well-being. Goldie Hawn, at the age of 76, does a daily routine made up of four exercises that are super accessible to everyone. “We all know … Read more