Todo listo para el ​​V Foro Changemakers in Wellbeing. Trends in organizational culture

This event is held as part of the fifteenth anniversary of the master’s degree in work psychology and the UPAEP organization. With the clear aim of analyzing the latest trends in workplace well-being and organizational culture, UPAEP will hold the fifth edition of the Changemakers in Wellbeing Forum on October 26 and 27. Trends in … Read more

Rest days: how much time you need to take for good health

Las Holidays have positive health effectsalthough there is plenty of time rest it can have just as many adverse effects as a brief interruption. Mexico’s Senate approves extension of 12-day vacation, new study finds recommended period eight days followed for good health. How many days of rest should you have for good health? Researchers from … Read more

Jalisco activates medical protocols of pharmacovigilance in public and private hospitals due to the warning of cases of meningitis – El Occidental

IN Jalisco activate drug pharmacovigilance protocols in public and private hospitals before warning of cases of meningitis, cerebral hemorrhage and death detected in the north of the country. You might be interested → New drugs reduce disability in multiple sclerosis The Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks of the State of Jalisco (Coprisjal) warns … Read more

the students demand the release of the doctor from the 1º de Octubre hospital

On social networks, doctors from different institutions expressed their solidarity with Fernando Villalobos, which is why they are asking for the support of the authorities and demanding his immediate release. A peaceful protest is currently taking place in front of the hospital building on October 1st, we invite you to join us in this peaceful … Read more

Why and how will traditional medicine be integrated into public health in Mexico? – Counter-answer

During a morning press conference on November 1, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that, along with foreign and local doctors, midwives and traditional healers will also be integrated into Mexico’s public health system. This is part of the plan announced in September of this year, when the intention to promote, promote and protect this … Read more

Haurreskolak will be free and there will be funds to restart the Faculty of Medicine

The Ministry of Education will have the largest budget in its history. Basque government it will have almost 3,500 million euros, 7.5% more than this exercise. The increase would represent 10.7 percent because the extraordinary 95 million euros injected into the system due to covid-19 and consolidated as an educational investment were not included. The … Read more

How much will an A1 nurse and an A plus doctor cost?

Minister of Finance and Public Administration, María Jesús Montero. Health workers follow a climbing in the professional category. While him defends promotion to group A1 of the State Administration, Drug suggests that, if the nurse’s request comes true, create an A plus category. This advancement would imply, among other conditions, a significant increase in the … Read more

A variant of push-ups to avoid wrist injuries

Do your joints bother you when you do push-ups? The pain is a result of a lack of mobility in the joints, explains Men’s Health fitness director BJ Gaddour. The problem can happen to anyone who doesn’t spend a lot of time in a push-up position or those who spend a lot of time typing … Read more

The Senate asks Ssa and SEP to be in charge of certifying experts

Written in NATIONAL the 11.4.2022 · 12:48 h Senators of the Republic they asked to Secretary of Health and Secretary of Public Education be in charge of certifying medical specialists in the country and remove that function from the National Regulatory Board of the Council of Medical Specialties (Do we know each other), which is … Read more