Blue areas: farming near the coast is associated with greater well-being (S)

Based on the evidence The article is based on scientific evidence, written and reviewed by experts (content includes scientific references). All content on our website has been reviewed, however, if you believe that our content is inaccurate, out of date, or otherwise questionable, you may contact us make the necessary corrections. 4 minutes How is … Read more

UNIVA opens Center for Simulation in Medicine in Guadalajara

In the afternoon of October 24, there will be a ceremonial opening Center for simulations in medicine from University of the Atemajac Valley, Guadalajara campus. conditioned space so that medical surgeon degree students can practice in a real, safe environment without the life of a real person being threatened. The formal act had as special … Read more

Three reasons to exercise for your mental health

Exercising our bodies goes far beyond maintaining good physical condition, as creating a state of overall well-being also covers our mental health. Sports or any training leads to the release of endorphins, neurotransmitters that help us feel the effect of pleasure and well-being.In short: frequent exercise will help us have a much more optimistic outlook … Read more

Medical and scientific societies promote a manifesto addressed to Health against the fragmentation of health

MADRID, 4. (EUROPA PRESS) Five Spanish medical-scientific societies promoted a manifesto under the motto ‘don’t divide health care anymore’ and addressed to the Minister of Health Carolina Darias, as well as to the Ministers of Health and health spokesmen of the parliamentary groups of the Congress and the Senate, against the fragmentation of health care. … Read more

The House of Representatives approves the initiative for palliative care

the city of Mexico.- The House of Representatives approved reforms to ensure the supply of opioid analgesics in palliative care and pain management, with which preventive action will have to be taken to avoid misuse or improper use. With reforms to General Law on Healthnew concepts in palliative care and pain management are being introduced … Read more

Genetically modified mice open the door to personalized medicine in rare diseases

An international research team led by Dr. Ana Guadaño at the Alberto Sols Biomedical Research Institute (IIBM, CSIC-UAM joint center) in which the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) participates introduced into mice -through CRISPR gene editing techniques–, mutation of the protein MCT8, responsible for the transport of thyroid hormones into the interior of the cell. … Read more

The health budget should not be for those who knock the loudest on the door: the expert

Cartagena, Colombia.- Countries’ resources are limited, so investment in healthcare must be carried out with very serious processes and not allocating the biggest budgets to whoever knocks the loudest on the door, said health economist Natalia Jorgensen. Interviewed as part of the health forum organized by Roche, the expert commented that the health needs of … Read more