Paulina Díaz Ordaz speaks for the first time about Thalía’s controversial romance with her father

Alfredo Diaz Ordazthe son of the former president Gustavo Diaz OrdazHe had a controversial affair with Thalía in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was 40 at the time, and she was only 19, so they caused a big storm in front of the public and fans. And now, decades after the controversy, Paulina … Read more

The Cinemex Market Interlomas hall was flooded before the performance of ‘Black Adam’ – CINEMABLEND

Tlaloc apparently did not like the arrival of “Black Adam” in Mexican cinemas and did his part by sinking one of the Cinemex complexes. Cinemex knows how to pamper its users, so in recent months it has officially opened Cinemamarket, cinema that offers a wide variety of food with traditional combinations of popcorn and nachos. … Read more

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‘Divine Food’: These are the deleted scenes in the series with Belinda and Rafa Márquez for HBO Max

Have you ever dreamed of having dinner with Belinda, Karol Sevilla or Rafa Márquez? That could happen with ‘Divine Food,’ a new HBO Max series in which celebrities will share their most intimate secrets while cooking with each other. Food is not only capable of bringing a group of people together to share a small … Read more

PHOTOS: Karely Ruiz shows off impressive skeleton body paint for Halloween

Since a few weeks, Karely Ruiz She is more than excited because she is on the threshold of her 22nd birthday, which she will celebrate in a big way this Friday, October 28. This is very well combined with parties Halloween, because so far this month has been represented by various costumes of all kinds; … Read more

Martha Figueroa in mourning, saying goodbye to her son’s father

Martha Figueroa suffered from the loss of her ex-husband. Through the publication, he sent his last regards to the father of his son. Martha Figueroa He said it through his social networks Luis Carlos Tovar, her son’s father lost his life. Martha Figueroa said goodbye to her ex-husband and he announced on his Instagram profile … Read more