A collectible 50 cent coin? They are asking 30 thousand dollars for her

Just by reaching into your pocket or briefly rummaging through your purse, you can locate it fractional currencywith a value of less than one peso and that sometimes there are people who reject it thinking that it has no value yet, since the prices of goods and services are above that figure, which seems insignificant. … Read more

the consumer gives his judgment in networks

Study Global Consumer Survey 2022 determined the reason why people buy the product. Kellogg’s it reached sales of up to 14 billion dollars, according to the projection “Kellogg’s – Kellogg’s 2021 Annual Report”. The launch of new flavors and product presentations is largely due to new consumer demands. Kellogg’s It was launched on the market … Read more

The price of the dollar today, October 27, the peso wins the session

Today, Thursday, October 27, 2022, dollar quotes at 19.8481 pesos per unit with a downtrend in real time. According to the report of Banxico, the peso gained 10.32 cents in the exchange rate to 19.8581 pesos per unit against the spot interbank dollar. On this day, the Mexican peso rose. Dollar price in banks Mexicans: … Read more