they sleep in their offices to fulfill your requests – FayerWayer

what of Elon Musk on Twitter it is already bordering on extreme situations. Your employees sleep on the floor of their offices to fulfill your requirements: if they don’t, they can get fired. Musk’s ultimatum is to create payment system for invoice confirmation before November 7, or they will be left “on the street”. Also, … Read more

The price of the dollar today, November 4, the peso advances by 29 cents

Today, Friday, November 4, 2022 dollar quotes at 19.52 pesos per unit with a downtrend in real time. According to Banxico records, the spot interbank dollar closed at 19.5191 pesos. With this result, the Mexican currency recovers 13.16 cents on the session level and gains 29.1 on the weekly level. Dollar price in banks Mexicans: … Read more

Irresistible End Walmart 2022: when does the discount season start and what kind of OFFERS will they have?

One of the most anticipated weekends of Mexicans is approaching due to the large number of promotions that stores offer to consumers, this is Good End 2022, however, not all stores participate, one of them is Walmart. This store has its own event known as Fin Irresistible Walmart 2022so it has its own discounts Mr … Read more