Carlos Vela responded to Martino for criticizing Herrera’s move to MLSMediotiempo

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Hector Herrera’s decision to to play in MLS, instead of staying in European footballit was with the support of Carlos Velacontrary to the perception of Gerard Martin, the coach of the Mexican national team, who considered it “for nothing” that he was there.

Away from the representatives since the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the LAFC forward agreed with the strategist that the best thing for the tricolors would be to have a team full of players who participate in european footballalthough he did not stop applauding Herrera who saw to his prosperity and that of his family

“If I could be in Dad’s shoes, I would like everyone to play in Europe. That’s reality, not lying or deceiving people by saying MLS is the best in the world. It is OK? Of course it is very good, is it competitive? Of course it is, but the best football is in Spain and England, if we could have 30 or 50 of them playing in Europe, that would be the bestVela analyzed for ESPN.

“If I were a coach, I would want the same, but that’s not the reason why Héctor Herrera did something bad. He decided what he thought was best for his career, his family and he’s respectable. You have to clap, because if it makes him happy, then good for him“, he abounded.

What did Martino say about Herrera?

In an interview with ESPN analyst Roberto Gómez Junco, Martino lamented that HH left the highs of his time at Atlético de Madrid to join the Houston Dynamo, a club that would have finished second to last in the Western Conference without didn’t even play in the Playoffs.

“I have great respect for Héctor as a footballer. If he asked me to come to Houston, I would say no., but there were no interventions. It’s a shame he didn’t continue with his high performance, but it seems to me a pity that he did not stay at a high level. It was one of the best. I don’t know anything and I say what I would like,” analyzed the Tricolor strategist.

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