Carlos Vela or Chicharito? Fernando Hierro did not close the door of Chivas to anyone

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Guadalajara’s sporting director explained some of the factors that are taken into account when choosing a possible reinforcement.


Tend to a la absence of Fernando Hierro in Mexico, sports director of Chivas continues to work on drawing up a new project that he will command in the ranks of the red and white, where he is aware that the arrival of reinforcements is necessary, so He did not close the door to Chicharito Hernández or Carlos Vela.

The former Real Madrid player was full of praise for the two young teams from Guadalajara, where he limited himself to saying that “you can’t say” the name of one if he had to choose him to support the Herd in the Clausura 2023: “They seem to me to be two players, two fantastic guys from Chivas, but you can’t say that todayIron declared.

However, the director of the Guadalajara team explained the panorama that should be analyzed when trying to add some reinforcementsince everything depends on the taste of each person, along with the wishes of the footballer, because sometimes they don’t want to change the club or it’s simply not feasible for economic reasons.

Poll If you could choose, who would you bring to Chivas?

If you could choose, who would you bring to Chivas?


“What I can do, what I can’t do in the economic situation, offers, non-offers, who wants to come, who won’t come is something else. If you stop to think, youEveryone would do or say: ‘I would force myself’, but that is a matter of taste, but it also has a touch of economics and reality.. So no matter how much the player wants to leave, possibly to other teams or, even better, kick him out of the team, even if you like it. A transfer is impossible, so why waste time thinking about that player,” Iron concluded in an interview with La Gambeta.

What is known about Chivas’ pre-season?

Jato rwill report on November 14 for medical and physical examinations; however, they did not release further details on the pre-season venue; however, a mini-tour of Spain is planned at the beginning of December where he will face Getafe and Athletic Bilbao, before returning to Mexico later to play in the Sky Cup.

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