Carlos Vela denies contact with El Tri ahead of Qatar 2022 World Cup

He was not contacted. In the last days, it became known that Carlos candle he refused Mexican teamfacing once more World Cup in Qatar 2022, and the MLS LAFC player himself denied that contact between the board and him.

It was for ESPN that the Mexican, who will play in the finals of the American tournament, said that his teammates told him the news, but that call did not go through, explaining that he respects him Tricolorespecially for Nanny Martino and directors Femexfoot.

“The truth is that I only found out this morning that some colleagues told me ‘listen what happened’, and I told them ‘I don’t know who it was with.’ I’ve always said that, I have a lot of respect for Tata, the director, because I didn’t have any problems with them, I didn’t have anything that could say something bad about them,” said Vela.

Carlos Vela at the 2018 World Cup with Mexico

Also, the former player of Real Sociedad and Arsenal joked a little on the subject, pointing out that the only time he talked to the head of the Azteca team was because they meet him and talk about normal topics.

“In the end, I always wished them the best. I don’t know why they want to keep looking where there isn’t one. I met them at the All-Star, I talked to Dad sometimes, casually, about any topic, but until then”.

finally, Carlos candle was open saying that all that remains is to support Mexican team on World Cup in Qatar 2022 and stop asking him anymore Chicharito HernandezWell, there will be those who have already lived through that process.

“I don’t know why they want to search where there is nothing. We already know the people who will be in Qatar and what we have to do is support them. We don’t have to keep looking if Vela, Chicharito, we are not here, we are nothing. Case closed, those who are, are. Wish them the best, support them and wish them an amazing time.”


Carlos Vela at the 2018 World Cup with Mexico

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