Canelo Álvarez: The boxer’s secret involving his daughter Emily

When Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez he was 17 years old, his girlfriend Karen Beltran got pregnant and had to face life and find a way to earn money to support his family, because he was born a few months later Emily Cinnamonhis first daughter.

“I worked and went to train, because I was focused on becoming a world champion. It was difficult. At 16 I had a girlfriend and she got pregnant. I pulled myself together to take my responsibility well. There were times when I had neither milk nor diapers from my daughter, and I didn’t earn anything in boxing, sometimes not even for a truck. I worked in a pastry shop and thank God we ate every day, even though I had nothing,” said “El Canelo” in 2011 during a television interview.

Cinnamon brought good luck

After the recent controversy surrounding his luxurious 15th year of the partythe name Cinnamon became a trend on social networks and then dozens of users set to work to investigate its origins.

According to the boxer, Cinnamon’s name was given to his daughter as an allusion to his Nickname, given to him by trainer José “El Chepo” Reynoso, but in women’s. In the way that the girl and her father shared something more than a blood relation and could somehow have the same name.

What does cinnamon mean?

According to the website,, the name Cinnamon is very rare, but became fashionable when “El Canelo” announced it as the name of his first daughter. It is an English word that refers to a spice or types that are widely used in cooking, Lower leg.

The website states that to date no data has been found to prove the true origin of cinnamon, although it is believed that it may come from a Greek word. In addition, he also mentions that the given name greatly affects the personality its bearer.

Cinnamon’s personality

As reported by the portal, the stepdaughter of Fernanda Gómez She is very lucky, because she mostly has everything, without having to work hard and has the opportunity to do what she likes the most.”

“She’s a bit cold and a bit stubborn, she’s not very social and mostly wants to be surrounded by people who share the same tastes, in some cases she can be a bit obnoxious,” adds the portal about the teenager’s personality.

Another aspect that the portal points out is that for Cinnamon, family is the most important thing in life, since in it he finds the necessary strength to fight and not to be afraid of anyone or anything.

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