Canada is looking for Mexicans to work: they pay 40 thousand pesos

The end of the year generally means a smaller amount Job offers. But if you are looking for a job, don’t be discouraged, you could be close to finding it vacations of your dreams. How would you like to live in Canada and have a salary of 40 thousand pesos?

When it comes to work abroad great attention should be paid to empty because there are fake offers that just want to scam people by asking them for money to secure their place. Therefore, it is best to contact official channels such as the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS).

Public Secretary jobs local and international, and now the process is open to work in Canada. know everything details.

Work in Canada as an electrical mechanic

If you are looking for an opportunity to work abroad and you have experience in electromechanical this could be it vacations for you.

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through employment portal the STPS discovered a work in canada with salary of 40 thousand pesos per month.

A North American country is looking for a university technician, technician or Electrical engineering engineer or mechatronics with a minimum of 3 years of verifiable experience to work in a company based in the province Quebec, Canada.

The offer specifies that for work it is necessary for the candidate to have knowledge of the French language at an intermediate and high level, since he will perform team tasks with staff who speak only that language for assembly, repair, disassembly and inspection of electromechanical equipment.

Something worth noting is that salary estimate is shown, may vary depending on salary minimum in Quebec and candidate competencies.

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How to apply to work in Canada?

It should be considered for this vacations it is necessary to apply for Employment portal. Before doing so, make sure you fill them out requirements:

– A valid passport or an appointment for renewal before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
-Study certificate confirming the above-mentioned diploma.
-Last employment letters proving minimum work experience of 3 years.
– Proof of address.

Knowledge of operating electrical, mechanical and pneumatic tools is required. In addition to knowing how to maintain mechanical devices, assemble and repair hydraulic circuits and industrial equipment.

Finally, it is important to have the skills of: adaptation to changes, teamwork and logical-mathematical reasoning.

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The job is full-time and selected will be required to rotate shifts to perform functions such as installing industrial equipment, updating maintenance records, managing data, testing electrical circuits, assembling electronic enclosures, implementing a scheduled maintenance program, and troubleshooting equipment. industrial equipment.

In exchange, the company offers legal benefits and travel expenses until relocation Canada. However, it is a time contract in 36 months.

Is vacations will be available in employment portal until the following November 30, and if you want to register or get more information, you can find it on folio: 20175550.

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