Can you find the word “CLIMA” in the alphabet soup? You have 7 seconds – Teach me about science

The brain is a wonderful organ that allows us to stay in perfect shape and balance with the body, it is capable of great miracles and possesses fantastic qualities, such as perception that is almost perfect and instantaneous.

If you still don’t know what you are capable of doing and achieving in visual puzzles, we suggest you put yourself to the test with this challenge created by Genius Guruwhich will not only help you better explore your options, but also give you a moment of relief and relaxation.

Get your stopwatch or watch ready, go to a comfortable and quiet place away from distractions where you can function 100%, don’t waste any more time and go with the challenge that has become a roadblock for word search puzzle lovers. .


Word to find: Time

Setup time: 7 seconds

Photography: Genius Guru

Did you manage to find the word in record time?

In case you will not achieve the goal in this puzzle visual, at least in the set time, don’t get discouraged because we are giving you another chance to complete the mission, this time make sure you achieve it in the set time, that is before 7 seconds.

If you already have a word in sight and feel ready to check your answer, just scroll down to find out the place of the word in this fantastic and puzzling visual challenge.


Photography: Genius Guru

Don’t let your visual and mental training stop here, you can participate in other visual puzzles, board games or if you want you can practice reading. Choose a hobby that best suits your desires, allows you to spend lively moments and allows you to stimulate your cognitive skills to perfect them.

Share science, share knowledge.

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