Can I leave the Credit Bureau without paying my debts?

Although it can be experienced as an unpleasant topic, which is talked about Credit bureau there’s nothing wrong with that and it’s better to be clear about what it’s all about, what the Credit Information Society (SIC) is and what it’s for be able to use more and better financing when you know your ability to pay and take care of your personal finances.

Many users of financial products dread the idea of ​​being blacklisted as people with debt, but that’s not really a way to justify what the entity is doing, even though you are irresponsible when taking on financial obligations that you have acquired, then yes, they will report you your creditors and you will see a negative precedent in your credit history.

But even that doesn’t stain your life for the rest of your life. Special credit report in the Credit Officeand if you’re wondering if you can get out of that situation without paying, the truth is you can’t and instead, yes, you must replace the money you have borrowed in order to perform well as a debtor give the impression that you are someone who is convenient to borrow.

Although the one about leaving the Credit Bureau will also be imprecise because only contracting a phone plan, using credit cards and taking advantage of the benefits of buying for months without interest will be enough for these companies to send the Bureau reports on the financing they grant. , to whom they are authorized and how punctual the client is in paying monthly installments.

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The job of the Credit Bureau is to manage this data and provide it to the user of these services and to the people they have agreed to, who can consult it when processing the loan application, and the bank wants to be sure that the potential client has good credentials with proper management, suitability of financial instruments in the past.

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That’s why the question that suits you is not so much to get off the record as to leave a good credit history so that you have no doubt that you will pay them on time as you showed when you asked the bank for a loan. before and your credit score suggests, but it can offer you a preferential interest rate.

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