BTS Jin canceled his military service date, here are the details

These few months a group of boys, BTS, he was in full view of the fans kpop RM for his soon-to-be-released solo album and Jin for his preparation for military service.

On October 28, a member of the most famous group in the world Kpop premiered his new single, titled “Astronaut”, Same Day, which made its first live debut at Argentina before reporting to your country for military service.

According to some sources, the member BTS, decided to cancel his request for deferment of military service.

According to the reports presented on 04.11. Jin, officially sent the notice of cancellation of the suspension of military service, the notice was sent to the South Korean National Army. Recently, his recruitment was delayed for December 31 (KST).

If the reports are true, the Boyband member can now be called up for military service at any time.

The artist’s reasons for this decision are not known, but it is clear that he is a member BTS he feels mentally ready to serve his country.

Group record agency, IT’S MOVING, He has not yet made a statement about these reports.

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