British renewable energy company cutting down forests in Canada

  • By Joe Crowley and Tim Robinson
  • BBC Panorama

Photo of the largest power station in Great Britain, in Yorkshire.

image source, Getty Images


Drax, the UK’s largest power station, produces electricity by burning millions of tonnes of imported wood pellets

A company which has received billions of pounds in subsidies to promote green energy is cutting down environmentally important forests, an investigation by BBC Panorama has revealed.

Drax operates the UK’s largest power plant, burning millions of tonnes of pellets – or wood pellets – which the company imports from overseas, a practice classified as renewable energy.

A pellet is a fuel formed from cylinders made by understanding of wood residues such as shavings, sawdust and chipswhich often come from pruning residues.

The BBC revealed that some of the wood comes from old-growth forests in Canada.

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