Bottas had an argument at the end of the Mexican GPMediotiempo

the city of Mexico /

Some Formula 1 drivers tasted typical sweets during Mexican Grand Prixothers visited some historical places and… Valtteri Bottas decided to take one Caguas After the race. The Finnish driver took the opportunity to refresh himself with a cold beer, fully deserved after scoring points.

Alfa Romeo driver signed And buena -and somewhat discreetly- carrera at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodromo, which did not have much emotion except for the passing of Checo Pérez, finishing in tenth place hundredon.

Although Bottas could only add one point to his locker, he finished the race very hot, so after conclude the Mexican Grand Prix with the unit in the bag he didn’t hesitate to pour more than a liter of beer.

Own pilot he took care share the curious time on her Instagram profile, taken by her partner, Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell.

The Mexican Grand Prix concluded with Victoria number 14 of Max Verstappen In season. Hamilton managed to stay with him second place -which he knew little about-, while podium here finished by Checo Pérez.

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