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Bolsonaro and Lula closed their campaign this Saturday and are already waiting for the second presidential round to be held in Brazil this Sunday.
Bolsonaro and Lula close their campaign in Brazil. Photo: AFP

president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaroand former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva traded their last arrows at the end of the campaign for the second round to take place Sunday, October 30. This Saturday, candidates flocked to the streets of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulothat is, the two states with the highest electoral weight in the country.

In the poll he published Institute of Datafolha hours before the start of voting, Pipe has 52% intention to vote against 48%. Bolsonaro, which reduced the difference by two points. The study was conducted between Friday and Saturday, with a margin of error of 2%, data that allows us to predict a heart attack that ends in the second round.

Raised to the cry “myth!”, Bolsonaro led a convoy of cars in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, where thousands of supporters came out to welcome him dressed in green and yellow. “I am confident of victory,” the president said after a heated televised debate with Lula on Friday, in which both accused each other of being liars.

The president’s supporters justified their support by fearing a return Pipe to power. “I am not in favor of abortion or gender ideology, which the other side wants to impose on our country,” said the micro-entrepreneur Fabricia Alves36 years.

IN São Paulo, Pipe spoke out against the president before joining the walk: “Bolsonaro he has no limits to tell lies (…) he does not have the psychological conditions to rule the country of greatness Brazil“.

Pipe he won the first round with 48% of the vote to 43% of the vote Bolsonarowhich overturned projections that predicted a comfortable advantage for the former president.

Bolsonaro and Lula accuse each other

Bolsonaro is seeking re-election after four years of government marked by a health and economic crisis that caused a pandemic with a total of 688,000 deaths in Brazilas well as strained relations with international institutions and critics of its environmental policy.

At the end, he presented the achievements of his government slow return to activity, mainly due to the recent drop in inflation and unemployment, which stood at 8.7% in September. For months Bolsonaro He questioned the electronic voting system without evidence, sparking fears that he would not accept the results next Sunday.

On Friday, at the end of the discussionBut he said that “he who has the most votes wins”, when asked in a short interview after the debate whether he would accept a possible defeat. “It’s democracy,” he added.

At only 77 years old, Pipe he is seeking a return to power after ruling Latin America’s largest economy between 2003 and 2010. On Sunday, some 156 million Brazilians were invited to vote in the country’s 26 states and federal district.

About 32 million (21%) did not vote in the first round. The figure is five times higher than Lula’s six million vote advantage over Bolsonaro. IN Brazil voting is mandatory, but the fine for not voting is 3.5 reais. The expectation of a tight result raises the fear of tension and polarization Brazil.

After two terms, Pipe He was in prison as part of the “Lava Jato” anti-corruption mega-case, but he was resurrected politically after his convictions were overturned due to procedural irregularities. Now he has the support of artists like Anita Mr Caetano Velosofrom the senator Simon Tebet and former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

Bolsonaro He has support above all in agribusiness and the majority of evangelicals – a third of the electorate – who praise his ultra-conservative positions. They also spoke in favor of the football player Neymar and former US president Donald Trumpwith which it is usually compared.

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