BLACKPINK’s Jennie draws attention for cursing during a concert

Members BLACKPINK are winning fans over with their personality, visuals and talents on their current tour.”BORN PINK«. Recently Jennie He again drew attention on the networks for cursing live, which surprised the whole BLINK.

Girl group fans were already shocked by this change in the idol’s attitude, which made profanity more acceptable. Just as they showed with some of their latest songs «TALLY“, which has a lot of bad words.

Although the girls are no longer teenagers and these words are more normalized, so the other members find it surprising that they were said at a concert as shown Jisoo with his hilarious reaction.

At her concert in Atlanta last Wednesday, November 2nd, Jennie battled her lipwhich is very important because it allows the artists to keep the rhythm and listen to the music, the idol made an effort to continue the performance.

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«No it’s not [funcionando] It is OK. I’m going to be a pro about pretending to hear things. I need your mouth as we sing to know when it’s over»

Jennie then left the stage in an attempt to resolve the issue. an issue and when he came back he explained the situation ending with an ugly word.

«Sorry, my headphones are not working.«.

«Still not fixed…shit«.

Although it seemed like a very natural sentence, his members and fans were not willing to let it go so easily. When Jisoo seemed to notice that he crew I hear the curse say:

«Wow, wow, wow«.

Lisa and Rose joined Jisoo pretending surprise and everyone laughed as Jennie continued her conversation with BLINK.

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