Black Friday 2022: November 25 will be Black Friday in the US

Black Friday 2022: November 25 will be Black Friday in the US
Black Friday 2022: November 25 will be Black Friday in the US. Photo: AFP

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated dates in the United States of America because of the discounts that are held for that day. People use the day to prepare with gifts Christmas and holiday celebrations. But when it is Black Friday 2022or Black Friday?

Note: This is the date of Black Friday or Black Friday

For this year, Black Friday will be held November 25 and, as his name suggests, he will be in Friday, where is Great offers be present in different shops from important and popular companies.

On year level, Black Friday It is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving, an important holiday for the citizens of the United States. Rumor has it that it was decided to do it a day later, as it marks the beginning holiday season and the end of the year.

How long will Black Friday last?

Unlike Buen Fino, the discount season in Mexico, which lasts for several days, and this year will be from November 18 to 21, also called Black Friday It is held only on Friday, although it is known that some before the big day institutes start applying certain discounts in goods.

Why did he get that name?

Why was it baptized as Black Friday on the big date discounts in the United States unknown, sure. Some theories claim that it is because of the number of people who go to the shops, because of the crowds institutes, don’t leave a light ray.

but another theory stresses that it could be because, in question administration from businesswhen sales were poorit was said to exist Red numbers; Moreover, when business was going better, the numbers were black.

It is true that Black Friday It is one of the most awaited dates for the discounts it brings with it.

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