Binotto singles out Mercedes for defeat in Mexico due to strategy

The head of Ferrari believes that the Silver Arrows did not choose the tires well

Take the opportunity to remember that Ferrari is not the only team falling off the wall

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto believes that Mercedes missed out on victories in Austin and Mexico due to wrong strategic decisions. The Italian-Swiss team points out that they are not the only ones who are wrong in this matter and believe that the Silver Arrows missed two great opportunities by choosing the wrong tires.

Binotto believes that Mercedes did not do the best job in the last two races from the wall. The Italian-Swiss points out that his rivals did not choose tires well either at the last stop in Austin or during the entire Mexican Grand Prix, which could have cost them two victories. Also, take the opportunity to remember that there is more than one team that is failing at strategy this year.

We were criticized in Hungary and it is something very common when we do things that are not completely right. Mercedes may have lost the victory in Austin due to poor tire selection. As far as I can see, we are not the only ones who make different decisions and make mistakes,” Binotto commented on the words published by the RaceFans portal.

For his part, Binotto assures that the most optimal strategy in Mexico was to start with the soft and do the management work to get to the end with the medium. At Ferrari, they considered it to be the most optimal option and so it was, although in their case they had to work hard to make it work in the GP where they were very far from the fight for victory.

“We saw that there was not too much degradation with the soft in Mexico. It was enough to think about a strategy of one stop with the soft and then with the medium. In the race, we had to do managerial work to make sure that with only one change of tires we will get to the end,” he said.

“Maybe that was one of the reasons for our slow pace. Tire management was certainly a problem for us in Mexico. Also, we believed that a one-stop strategy with soft and medium was the most appropriate option for the race,” Binotto concluded.

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