Bimbo says ‘goodbye’ to Paleta the clown: concrete sale of Ricolin to Mondelez

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We regret to inform you that Paleta Payaso, Kranky, Panditas and Bubulubu will cease to be completely Mexican sweets after this. Grupo Bimbo officially finalize the sale Ricolino products And Mondelez International Inc.

The said purchase is realized after the approval of the Federal Commission for Economic Competition (Cofece) and after a transaction of one thousand 367 million dollars, which is equivalent to 27 thousand million pesos.

The operation will enable Mondelez International Inc. take a better position in the sweets and confectionery industry by offering its customers a portfolio of leading brands in the categories of gummy candies and candies, biscuits, chocolates, gummy candies, chocolates, spicy candies, cream cheese, cajeta and homemade candies.

It should be noted that the purchase was signed last April; however, until this Tuesday, after the transfer of more than 6 thousand workers, it did not materialize.

It will also strengthen the American company with an important production chain of six plants and a distribution platform with more than 3,000 routes that currently reaches 600,000 points of sale.

So, Grupo Bimbo will cease to own the brand ricolinaa company that produces emblematic sweets that have marked the childhood of many generations, such as: Paleta Payaso, Kranky, Bubulubu, Sonrics, Bocadin, Chocoretas, Gomilocas, Dulcigomas, Duvalin, Moritas, Panditas, Huevitos de chocolate, among many others.

In addition, other brands that will pass into the hands Mondelez International Inc. these are also: Dulces Vero, Cajeta Coronado and Chocolates La Corona.

A new organization founded by the American company and ricolina will live under the Mondeléz Snacking Mexico identity where more than 10,300 employees across the country “will be able to have a home that will take care of them and offer them opportunities for professional development.”

“For more than one hundred and fifty years – together – in both companies we have worked to earn a place in the hearts of our associates, clients and consumers, and from today we do it through a common vision, uniting our strengths, people and our tastes and creating the most complete portfolio in the industry,” said Oriol Bonaclocha, president of Mondelez Mexico.

In the contract of sale between Bimbo Group and Mondelez International Inc. excludes brands and business ricolina in Nicaragua and Honduras, which the Mexican company has agreed to keep separate and not sell unless regulatory approval is granted in those jurisdictions.

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