Biden loses his temper in a phone conversation with Zelenski and asks him to be more grateful

Tension for war in ukraine it lifts spirits, even among allies.

As reported by the American network NBC News, the presidents of the United States, Joe Bidenand from Ukraine, Vladimir ZelenskyThey had a heated discussion about help the west cheers to Ukraine.

The conversation took place on June 15, NBC News said, citing four people briefed on the call as sources.

The two leaders often talk on the phone whenever the US sends aid. And in that conversation, Biden told him that he would send a new one military aid package estimated at one billion dollars. However, Zelenski reacted quite differently than the American expected. Instead of thanks, there was a reproach.

Zelensky began to list the additional assistance that Ukraine needed, which it was not receiving from the US government.

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Biden lost his temper. As NBC reports, the American president raised his voice and asked the Ukrainian be a little more grateful.

He noted that the American people are quite generous and that his administration and his country’s military are working hard to help Ukraine.

A few hours after the call, Zelenskiy admitted: “I am grateful for the support of the United States. It is especially important for our defense in Donbass.” Biden did the same and affirmed that his country “will not waver when it comes to engaging with the Ukrainian people as they fight for their freedom.”

Although relations between the two have improved over time, Zelensky still blames the United States for sending certain weapons. Among them are the longest-range missile systems (ATACMS), which the Biden administration refuses to hand over for fear that they will be used against Russian territory. * With agency data

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