Ben Affleck happy about the separation from Jennifer Lopez

The paparazzi recently caught Ben Affleck, famous American actor and director, lives his happy life after divorce with Jennifer Lopez, because of communication problems in their love relationship.

A controversial couple made by the singer Jennifer Lopez and an actor Ben Affleck, They had several marital conflicts after they tied the knot in the middle of this year, for the second time, having first married in 2000 and split shortly after. It is clear that even 20 years after the first breakup, they certainly did not manage to maintain their relationship well.

The singer of the song ‘Let’s get Loud’ had to force Ben to sign certain contracts because of the actor’s behavior that he does not like, and this must necessarily change if you do not want to experience another separation.

From the beginning of the relationship, the couple was seen as happy and full of love, but problems did not appear for long, which is why the couple broke up again, since Jennifer pressed Ben to leave the luxurious villa where they lived and resolve personal conflicts himself, if he really wants to be with her.

However, until Ben He was seen very satisfied with his new life, resting from the actress and walking without her company, because among the conditions he demanded López he quit smoking and was more organized with his things, things a manager can’t fix overnight.

According to his fans, Jennifer He could exaggerate and set too many conditions for the actor, which could annoy him and in the end still proceed to sign the divorce because there are a lot of disagreements between them.

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