Belinda: the most special gift she gave Christian Nodal when they were in love

While they were together, the couple they gave life to Belinda Mr Christian Nodal It was one of the most beloved and interesting on the Mexican scene. It was in 2020 when both singers and artists started a joint love journey that even included a marriage proposal from Nodal according to the author of “Love at first sight”. But all that love disappeared and today each of them continues their life alone.

But during the years in which the passion lived and the fire was lit, neither Christian Nodal in Belinda They spared no expense when it came to making each other happy and making them feel like the most special people in the universe. Actually, for my 23rd birthday Nodal -in January of this year, a little less than a month before the harvest-, Belinda She was in charge of celebrating it in a big way and providing all the pleasures to the celebrant, the guests, and herself.

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