Belinda ISMIGA of Christian Nodal and his ex-boyfriends who got tattoos at the concert LIVE | VIDEO

In one of his latest presentations Belinda He used the opportunity to hint at those loves that passed through his life; it was during the presentation in Tijuana that he was green-eyed mockery from Christian Nodal and his others ex boyfriends. And that’s it, one of his fans asked him to tattoo it during his live concertwhich is why Beli reminded his exes that they they tattooedthe moment was recorded ua video.

So far, video from Belinda the fan’s tattoo has already gone viral, because what caught the attention was not that, but the singer mockery from Christian Nodal and his others ex boyfriends That they tattooed something about the singer And yes, Nodal is not the only one who tattooed Belog, before him, Cris Angel and Lupillo Rivera wore green eyes on their skin.

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