Because of the explosion, 12 people needed medical attention

Secretary of the Government, William del Rivero León reported that at least 12 people were needed medical assistance behind burst of the Café La Cabaña production facility, registered this morning in the colony Judicial.

In the conversation, after a surveillance tour of the area where the incident took place, the person in charge of internal policy stated that no affected suffered serious injury.

He commented that they were taken to the Gustavo A. Rovirosa hospital at dawn, but they were already there high data after assessment.

A government official recognized the work fire brigade of the State Institute of Civil Protection in firefighting.

“The first is to protect the lives of citizensSotopo personnel are there assessing the damage to nearby buildings as the shock wave was very strong.

“We have a report from the Ministry of Health, only for people who were treated in state hospitals, in Rovirosa hospital 12 people were not seriously injured, fortunately, they suffered first of all a nervous breakdown,” he said.

They will inspect the road dealer

Del Rivero León announced that he would request Secretariat for Spatial Planning and public works (SOTOP), monitor possible damage to the infrastructure Road distributor University because of the proximity of the place where the explosion took place.

“At first glance it is clear that it is not, however, I have discussed this with engineer Mauro Winzig, engineer Gildardo Lanestos will also be asked to make appropriate revisions because of the closeness he has,” he said.

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