Beach fashion, Marc Anthony’s ex raises the temperature in a revealing swimsuit

Shannon De Lima, a Venezuelan actress and model, posted a photo on her Instagram in a very trendy swimsuit. Shadelima, as she calls herself on the small cam network, is single after being in a relationship with two world celebrities, Marc Anthony, who she was married to for just under 3 years, and James Rodríguez, who she was in a relationship with. Apparently 2 years old and with whom he has a son.

Shannon in a bikini. Source: Instagram @shadelima

The 30-year-old added “Disconnect to connect” as the title, which translates to “disconnect to connect” in Spanish. The photo has already collected more than 25 thousand “likes” and reached 90 comments, although the trend is for these numbers to grow. with temperature In the last days, we are all waiting for a little escape to the sea so that we can refresh ourselves and rest from work due to the fatigue of the last part of the year.

You can see in the photo Shannon De Lima -also an influencer- lit by the sun and surrounded by crystal clear water. She struck a sexy pose, grabbed the adjustable straps at the bottom of her green bikini and looked away from the camera. The color of the bikini highlighted her admirable figure and spectacular complexion. And if we take a closer look, she has a rather extravagant necklace going to the beach? We leave that up for debate.

Shannon in other photos of her. Source: Instagram @shadelima

Among the comments of his followers, they pointed out “Your smile and your appearance give off a lot of peace and transparency!!!”, “No one is like you, you are very sexy and very beautiful and divine” and “Absolutely beautiful”. There was no mention of his past relationships with Marc Anthony.

There were other comments with a blue “tick” verified by Instagram that Shannon knows she likes the photo and how she broke the screen. Little by little, photos on the beach in very sexy swimsuits are appearing on the Internet. This is how the season ends.

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