BBVA, awarded for its good practice in the welfare of its staff

The first edition of the Human Digital Health Awards reviewed the best professional practices in areas such as emotional health, resilience and flexibility. The event, organized by Intrama, aimed to demonstrate best practices to optimize proper welfare managementfrom a cross-sectoral perspective, addressing topics such as hybrid leadership, remote team management, digital disconnect, reconciliation and flexibility, training and awareness on the topic, and good practices in 360 well-being.

“We strive to provide our employees with the best possible working environment. Being part of these recognized companies encourages us to continue betting on this type of measures,” he emphasizes Susana Lopez. “At BBVA, we have always been concerned about the well-being of our employees,” he assures and confirms that the pandemic was an important turning point: “We realized they need to focus more on some elements, such as emotional well-being. It seems very important to us not to lose sight of the circumstances in which each person is in each situation and to offer a wide range of initiatives within emotional health“.

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