Banned for life, they battled at goal Three and showed Ochoa’s ego

Ochoa and Acevedo / National team of Mexico
Ochoa and Acevedo / National team of Mexico


The issue of the forbidden has endless rumors about what its real causes are. The unfortunate thing is that among the same figures there are also contradictory confessions, which means that the real reason for the veto of this or that football player is not known.

Moreover, Miguel Herrera He broke his silence and commented on what he experienced as a Trio coach behind the locker room. In an interview with Panini, ‘El Piojo’ depicted the struggle between Guillermo Ochoa Mr Jose de Jesus Corona. That was because both wanted No. 1, so Ochoa had to give in to the claims of being the Olympic champion.

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Now José de Jesús Corona is out of the game Choice mexicana. Dok Ochoa continues to be invited to Gerard Martin’s team. Corno himself admitted his fatigue before Trio’s call, so he decided to put an end to them and think about the performance of his current club.

When was the last time Corona was in El Tri?

We can say that his last cycle in the national team was in Russia in 2018, so we can say that his association with Gerard Martin went practically unnoticed. According to El Francotirador, Jaime Ordiales, the current director of El Tri, was in charge of cleaning up Corona even during his time at Cruz Azul.

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