ATTITUDE PROBLEMS: Bruno Fernandes explains why Alejandro Garnacho barely got chances at Manchester United

The Portuguese Bruno Fernandes confirmed what was said Erik ten Haag: If Alejandro Garnacho did not play more in the first months of the 2022/23 season, it was because of the bad attitude he showed during the Manchester United tour.

Right now, with better work in training and a noticeable growth in behavior, the 18-year-old is starting to get the opportunities that his football quality requires.

Bruno believes that the Argentinian international was very good against Real Sociedad. However, the request goes further. Garnacho knows that within the group they expect even more from his game.


“It was good, but he knows we expect a lot from him. He is obviously still very young. He’s doing really well. At the beginning of the season, he was not in the best shape. He didn’t have the best attitude on the tour (pre-season), the attitude he should have had. That’s why he didn’t get opportunities until now. Now he has his chances because he trains better, because he has a different attitude. He deserves his chances.”revealed the captain of Los Red Devilsin an interview with bt sport.

Data without defeat. Alejandro Garnacho has already scored his first official goal as a professional footballer. He only got it in his second start for Manchester United.

Did you know…? Alejandro Garnacho has already received an invitation from the Argentine national team. He has not made his official debut yet, but he has already worked in the group led by Lionel Messi.

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