At the age of 41, Mariazel spins around the net in a flirty swimsuit

Once again, a beautiful TV presenter, Mariazel became the talk of social media after she shared a short video showing off her fiery figure in a flirty swimsuit that cemented her as a true fashion queen as everyone agreed she looked spectacular.

As you know, the famous woman born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, has established herself as one of the great figures of entertainment thanks to the excellent work she has done for so many years as part of the television program “La Familia Dysfunctional”. , “Me Caigo de Risa”, one of Televisa’s most successful.

In this sense, the collaborator of the sports program “Más Deporte” also reflected her great fame on social networks, because she has more than three million followers on Instagram alone, which makes her one of the most successful in recent months.

Mariazel spins around the net in a swimsuit

A few moments ago, in front of his millions of fans, Mariazel He grabbed all the attention on various digital platforms by sharing a short but risqué video, in which he showed off the great figure he maintains at 41, showing that age is just a number.

Photo: Instagram/@mariazelzel

In the pictures that went viral in a matter of minutes, we see the TV star getting ready to enjoy himself on a slide in a famous water park, but what attracted the most attention was the great style he flaunted in a tight suit. perfectly.

Lying down and without a single drop of makeup, Mariazel He showed that he has one of the best figures in the entertainment industry, as at least the millions of followers who immediately indulged in his beauty and enviable figure let him know.

As expected, the announcement of the presenter of the show “Me Caigo de Risa” did not go unnoticed because it reached millions of views and hundreds of comments that highlight the great figure she has at 41 years old.

Photo: Instagram/@mariazelzel

Mariazel, the most beautiful in Qatar 2022

As we mentioned before, Mariazel She is one of the giants of Televisa, for which she was invited to collaborate in a special broadcast of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. This was the reason why she withdrew from the “Champion of Champions” season of “Dancing with the Stars”.

The exact date is not yet known. Mariazel He will travel to the World Cup but is expected to be one of the television stars to follow at the most anticipated sporting event in 2022.


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