At the age of 26, Sofija Castro flaunts herself in these bikinis from the beach

Angelica Sofia Sainz RiveraMexican actress and daughter of Angelica Riverashe turns 26 this October 30 and, although her career took off with big productions like “Malverde: Patron Saint”, today she is also known as one of influential persons with millions of followers online.

On social networks like Instagram, The daughter of “La Gaviote” has more than 1.2 million followerswho constantly praise the Mexican woman’s outfits and highlight the beauty she maintains perfectly.

And that is that with the arrival of autumn, Sofia Castro he taught style with different looks, not forgetting that when it’s sunny and there’s an opportunity to go to the beach, you can show stunning swimwear.

Sofía Castro is a Mexican actress known for soap operas like “Teresa” PHOTO: IG @sofia_96castro

In August 2022, the actress made it clear bikinis were the latest trend in visiting the seas Mexicans. white bikini who was standing on the edge of the pool with one foot It was highly praised and received more than 27 thousand likes in social networks. “Beautiful”, “What a photo” and “What a beautiful girl” are some of the comments of her followers when they saw the picture.

On his second trip, wore a yellow suit tied with ribbons, to which he added wicker hat which was perfectly combined with the color of the swimsuit. Also wore the same hat combination with a zebra outfit with whom he posed on some deckchairs with a black cap.

The Mexican has become one of the most famous influencers PHOTO: IG @sofia_96castro

Sofía Castro managed to perfectly realize her aspect as an actress and influencer. His career on television it allowed him to be a part of several telenovelas such as “Teresa”, the first season of “Esperanza del corazón”giving life to the character “Eglantine” and in “Hotel Secret” like Eugenia.

But without a doubt, one of his most significant moments on television was when the actress appeared in a stunning wedding dress and followed the veil with Angélica Rivera’s luxury tiaraused by his mother at the wedding of former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The daughter of “La Gaviote” paralyzed the network with this zebra bikini PHOTO: IG @sofia_96castro

This visual spectacle also fueled rumors that the young woman was planning he arrives at the altar with his partner Pablo Bernot. “Yes, we talked about marriage. I think at that time we both wanted to run, but let’s go step by stepof course I don’t take my finger off the line,” he commented to the magazine FACES to dispel these rumours.

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