At least 59 dead and more than 150 injured in South Korea’s Halloween stampede | Video

At least 59 people died following a stampede during Halloween celebrations in the capital’s popular nightlife district South Korea: Seoul.

news agency Yonhap he quoted the emergency services as saying that Another 150 were injured in the district Itaewon from Seoul.

In the first reports, it was announced that 50 people had died heart attack.

Firefighters said there were 81 reports of “difficulty breathing” amid crowd warnings during the celebration Halloween.

In videos shared on social media, dozens of people are seen lying on the ground, apparently unconsciouswhile emergency personnel try to reanimate them with the revival technique.

In accordance with Reuters, the South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol ordered the disaster response team to move Itaewondistrito de Yongsan-gu.

He also called urgent meeting.

According to reports, it was 100,000 late night revelers in the area marking the first Halloween without masks outdoors since the beginning of the pandemic.

In another, emergency services try to get people out of what appears to be a pile of human bodies after the rush of the crowd.

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