As soon as Rafa Puente Jr arrives, he already has the first problem at Pumas

Rafa Puente Jr new DT Pumas
Rafa Puente Jr new DT Pumas

The university club spent weeks and weeks planning the first step of its restructuring after the sacking of Andrés Lillini, and despite the fact that there were many expectations about who would be the new DT, it ended up being Rafa Puente Jr.

Pumas fans are not at all happy with the appointment of their new DT as it has only been characterized by a relegation battle and no sporting merit to confirm that it is the best option available.

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Rafael Puente Jr already has practically all the fans against him, and he was introduced only a few days ago, and as if that wasn’t enough, he already has a serious problem with the Pumas, and all this without even directing his first game.

Rafa Puente’s problem at Pumas.

The tournament hasn’t started yet, and Rafa Puente Del Rio adds extra pressure, as Pachuca was the Aperture 2022 champion, with which they have already caught up with the Pumas in the titles, so they will again have pressure to go as it seems that Being named a big team is in danger for the Pumas.

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