As a bunny, Sofía Castro shines in a leather bodysuit and fishnet stockings on her 26th birthday

This weekend was celebrated in various parts of Mexico and the world with festivities Halloween, one of the most anticipated of the year because participants can let their imagination run wild and dress up as their favorite characters. Celebrities who showed their outfits on social networks were not unaware of this either. One of them was Sofia Castrowho didn’t think twice and decided to join the company of bunnies in the Playboy mansion.

Through your account Instagram daughter of Angelica Rivera, the former first lady, presented herself in fishnet stockings and a classic outfit accompanied by a black bow and small ears. At the foot of the bar was a session from Miami, Florida, United States. With a serious gesture, she showed off her trim figure as if she were a model of an international voice.

Sofía Castro looked like a flirty Playboy bunny (Photo: IG @sofia_96castro)

It should be noted that this Sunday, October 30, is the birthday of v Sofia Castro, something that must have given her a double emotion, because she could throw the house out the window and disguise herself in a sensual way. She limited herself to posting the number 26, which corresponds to her age, accompanied by a series of emojis; But it was enough to raise the temperature of his followers who barely saw the post and did not hesitate to give him the best praise.

“Calmaaaaaaaassssss with so much beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, “You’re gorgeous Sofi TQM !!! Congratulations !!!!”, “Tough girls were right, Halloween is the only day you can dress up in whatever you want without being judged “, were some of the numerous messages he received. Equally, thousands of likes showered her as well, because she is a favorite actress on Mexican television.

Sofía Castro turned 26 (Photo: IG @sofia_96castro)

Sofia Castro denies pregnancy

To be a recognized figure Sofia Castro She is very active on social networks, so it is normal for her to post all kinds of posts; however, his fans do not miss a single detail from his paintings; on one occasion she was asked if she was pregnant because she had a “tummy”, which she denied as soon as she could.

“No, I’m not pregnant, but I think we should be very careful with comments or assumptions about other people’s bodies, it’s a very sensitive issue. Now, please, let’s normalize that we don’t talk, give opinions or make assumptions about others’ bodies,” she said. is a powerful message he sent to his followers.

Sofija Castro received many compliments (Photo: IG @sofia_96castro)

“Maybe your comment is not malicious, but I think it’s important to stop giving our opinion and criticizing other people’s bodies. It’s not that I’m offended that you say I’m pregnant, zero, that’s lucky, but that it’s not good to talk about other people’s bodies,” he said. famous.


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