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Just a few days after her 40th birthday, our Princess of Genovia, actress Anne Hathaway looks spectacular in a photo session that has everyone going crazy on social media.

Favorite actress on the internet He caught everyone’s eyes and hearts with a series of photos which she herself shared on her official Instagram profile. Known for being Mia Thermopolis in The Princess’s Diary Along with Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway is just days away from her 40th birthday.

On a shoot for a magazine Vogue Hong KongOscar winner for Best Supporting Actress for Poor people She looked stunning and left us all speechless with her great beauty and fashion sense. Hathaway said her life changed forever after becoming a mother of twobut unlike other actresses, she devoted herself even more to acting and saw motherhood as a rebirth of her professional career.

Dan Jackson/Vogue

actress from The dark knight stands up is promoting his new film the time of Armageddon from the director James Gray, where he stars alongside Jeremy Strong, the unfortunate Kendall Roy in Succession, and two-time Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins. Hathaway stars as Esther Graff in a story about the social and racial complications of the American Dream in the United States in the 1980s.

Dan Jackson/Vogue

After the experience of playing Andy Sachs in the movie The Devil Wears Fashionable, Anne did not miss the opportunity to comment that for her, fashion is fun and not the fear of going wild; without neglecting the impact this industry has on the environment and culture in general.

Fashion has so much power, reach, influence, and sometimes wealth, that it has the potential to be a tool for social change.

Despite having more than three projects waiting to be shot and one that has just finished shooting, her busy schedule does not make her forget about the simplicity of life: “I want to surprise myself as much as possible. Surf more, get a good camera and use it often. Make as many memories as possible with my family.”

Dan Jackson/Vogue

A new movie starring Anne Hathaway is coming to theaters in Mexico thanks to distributor Cine Caníbal. The premiere of The Time of Armageddon should be in December this year, but the exact date is not yet known.. The film received great reviews at film festivals, so stay tuned for the date of its premiere in our country.

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