An engineer is going viral after freeing a dog that was tied to train tracks

The train driver from Trenes Argentinos found it a dog tied to the rails and, luckily, he was able to interrupt his training to help the animal and set it free. The video went viral on social networks, and the driver pointed out that this is a situation he follows every day: “It’s common, it happens that we don’t record it,” he said. Social media users have condemned the attitude of the alleged owner or the owner who has since left him tan cruel way.

It was around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday and the train traveling from Sáenz Peña to Chorotis, in the province of Chaco, stopped due to a shocking situation. The driver (31) and his partner (28) spotted a a dog that was tied to rails in the middle of nowhere.

“At 300 meters there was a bump and we slowed down. We honked and she didn’t answer. It seemed strange to us. We saw an animal that was on rails. We stopped and noticed that the dog was desperate, tied up and trying to get out,” the driver told Diario Chaco. That’s how they discovered that it was tied with a chain, so they suspected that someone had abandoned it and wanted to give it a sad end.

A companion came to the aid of the animal, which was visibly frightened. “He couldn’t take the chain off because he was very nervous,” he said. And he added: “This is not the first time this has happened to us. It’s semi-commonand to tie the dogs to the tracks like this, it happened that we didn’t record it. But this case became viral because I uploaded it on my WhatsApp status and all the reactions started.

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“It’s inhumane”

Social networks have become one of the main ways of denunciation and raise awareness about cases of animal abuse. In this case, after the video went viral, users are demanding that the owner of the dog found by the train driver be found and convicted of his crime: “It’s inhumane.”

In the aforementioned newspaper, it is written that it is a motor car with three carts, lighter than a freight wagon and given that the maximum permitted speed is 45 kilometers per hour, given the number of intersections and country roads in the area; the conditions allowed the driver and his companion to see the dog and to stop the train in time.

Despite the fact that the area is not populated, workers “always” pass more slowly through the town located between Corzuela and Las Breñas. “People use the station to store bundles, seeds, shelter bags, but they don’t live there,” said the driver.

In Argentina, Law 14,346 advocates against animal abusewhich contains prison sentences of 15 days to one year, and among its parts provides that animal cruelty is “intentionally injuring and trampling animals, causing unnecessary torture or suffering, or killing them out of perversity.”

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