An amazing idea about an airline that travelers can book

When you are going to fly, and on the plane you have to or choose a seat in the middle, you know that it will probably not be the best time. You’re nowhere near a window to distract yourself, and you don’t have easy access to an aisle, you’re stuck between two people for the entire flight.

But one Australian airline had an idea and launched a campaign for passengers to book seats in the middle: a raffle.

How does the draw work?

Virgin Australia had a question: How can we get more passengers to voluntarily book the middle seat on the plane and not have such a bad time during the flight?

They did a survey and found that only 0.6% of 7,500 respondents prefer the middle seat. And most of them chose it by chance.

But what if the company offered an incentive for people to choose them?

That’s why the company launched the middle place lottery, raffle whose prizes are estimated at around 145 thousand dollars.

Here’s how it works: If you book a middle seat on an airline flight, either by choice or by accident, you’ll have the chance to enter a drawing.

Each week a different prize will be awarded to the winner from now until April 23, 2023.

But this isn’t about company-logo pens or thermoses, it’s about a full-day helicopter ride, a two-night vacation with flights, accommodation and an all-expenses paid bungee jump.

And that’s not all. There are also flights and tickets for the Australian Football League final, frequent flyer status for a year, etc.

All this just to sit in the middle.

Prizes are published each week on the airline’s website. We’ll see if they can get people to buy more tickets in the middle seat.

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