An alarming number of sexual abuse of minors in Colombia was revealed by Legal Medicine

Legal medicine assures that sexual violence against minors is on the rise.  EFE/Mauricio Osorio/File
Legal medicine assures that sexual violence against minors is on the rise. EFE/Mauricio Osorio/File

Study of National Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences ensures that between January and September of this year 2022, there are 15,823 victims of sexual crimes against children under the age of 18, with minors between the ages of 10 and 14 being the most affected by these cases. These numbers, which are on the rise, follow the same trend of homicides against this population, becoming practically double the numbers registered before the pandemic.

These almost 16,000 cases of sexual abuse represent an increase of 23% more than what was recorded during 2021. Of these, 8,430 minors aged 10 to 14 were the most affected, while 1,422 young people under the age of 18 were killed. year, which represents an increase of 8%. Namely, 19,116 tests were conducted to determine whether a sexual crime had been committed.

The cases according to age segmentation are presented as follows: from 0 to 4 years there are 1359 cases, from 5 to 9 the numbers reach 3188, from 10 to 14 8430 patients were calculated and finally. from 15 to 17 years, the indicators estimate 2,846.

The city where the most sexual violence was recorded is Bogotawhere 3221 cases were compiled, Cali second, 435 affected, Cartagena one 379 facts, Pereira with 300 and Villavicencio with 289 records.

Other disturbing figures with the statistical bulletin of the forensic authorities report that domestic violence is also on the rise, with around 45,472 cases; the issue of revenge murders (murders of children by the father) is very striking.

Namely, all types of death had an increase, and the most significant absolute variation is accidental, which increased by 15.07% until the last cut, together with traffic events, 13.65% and suicides, which increased by 11.39%.

The issue of suicides at an early age worries the authorities, cases were registered among children between 6 and 11 years old, even the group of 12 to 17 years presented 224 cases.

For this compilation, Bogota again it is the city that considers the most cases of murder, this for minors with 78 cases, it follows Cali with 72 deaths. In fact, the capital of the republic leads in almost all of these indicators, in the case of domestic violence and suicides. Only Cali surpasses it in terms of the number of minors killed.

The numbers contradict what he thinks about Alliance for Colombian Childrenwhich also ensures that in recent years, more precisely from 2015 to 2022, there are an estimated 32,719 suicide attempts, which occur to a greater extent in men than in women, which is a historical trend.

The analysis includes nearly 20 reasons why these cases occurred, for example, substance and alcohol abuse, abuse, physical, sexual or psychological abuse, among others. In addition, Sundays are the main days where more of these events take place, along with Mondays and Wednesdays.

“What this report allows us to see is that intersectoral care is urgently needed, work from the health sector is not enough if it is not articulated with what is happening within families, schools and other environments where girls and boys develop. The analysis we are carrying out also allows us to determine that it is crucial to work on the way the data and variables processed from the IMLCF and INS are reported”, explained Angélica Cuenca Gómez, Executive Secretary of Alianza. por la Niñez Colombiana. .


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